Planning Appeals

There is a right of appeal against most local authority decisions on planning applications and other planning decisions, such as advertisement consent, listed building consent, prior approval of permitted development rights and enforcement.

Before making any appeal you should first consider whether any changes to the proposal would make it more acceptable and likely to gain permission.  We will advise you as to whether the Reasons for Refusal could be overcome and what changes or further information would be required.

If you wish to appeal, we will advise you on the merits of an appeal and whether there are strong grounds to contest the Reasons for Refusal of permission before proceeding.

We will guide you through the appeal process and prepare and co-ordinate the submission of the  appeal, including preparing expert witness statements and appearing as expert witnesses at an Inquiry or Informal Hearing on your behalf. 

We also act for Councils in defending their decisions, as well as third parties.